How to Warm a Heart

To fully appreciate and understand our cute amira greeting cards, you have to take a little break; a little break away from your busy life to have a think on how you can make those around you giggle, smile and feel truly loved by you. The best bit is, in return you'll treat yourself to one of the most rewarding feelings humanly possible. You'll feel truly fulfilled. That is quite a big statement coming from little amira, but I'm sure you'll find this old fashioned tradition of giving cards is just the best way to brighten anyone's day, especially when it's least expected. Many of us find it quite difficult to articulate how we feel and make it special, but giving an amira card will say it all! Our greeting cards are a wonderful everyday way to celebrate and treasure each and every relationship; whether that is your inseparable childhood friend, super considerate neighbour or your ever so sweet grandparents that never seem to forget your appointment dates! (That one's for you Gramps!) These cards are an expression of your love and gratitude, so sit down with your favourite drink and write a thoughtful message to that special someone.

 My hot cup of tea and one of our Jazak'allahu khairan cards, waiting for me to spend a little time writing my very own message to an amazing person!


  1. That heart warming message above nearly brought a tear to my eye.. I agree though, there is nothing better than receiving a handwritten card from your loved one. So I hope that card is for ME!!

    Hugs, Nadia x

  2. :) Yours will now have to come when you least expect it!

    Love you lots
    amira xx

  3. The card looks lovely, masha Allah. Sometimes friends and family have given me cards unexpectedly and it always makes you feel awful special.


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