Sunshine Studio

There's nothing better than working away in a bright, sunshine filled studio! Winter is just round the corner so I'm making sure to soak up the rays while they're still here. One of the perks of Winter are these delicious Oranges which will get juicer as the season goes on, yum!
I'm so happy that my husband and I have finally got the studio up and running. It's still missing a few finishing touches but overall I'm thrilled to have a place to draw till my heart's content. Tripoli has been quite unsafe at the moment, so having a lovely space at home has been a big help! I pray that Allah helps this country to move forward, and allows Libya to reach it's full potential. I'm hopeful and excited to be here as changes are slowly being made.

Photography by Amira Made


  1. So pretty, masha Allah! May Allah keep you safe.

  2. love the sound of the name Sunshine Studio. ;)

    1. It just makes you smile a bit inside :)


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