A Happy Home

Did you know eating Bananas can make you feel happy?It's been my go to snack this week and I'm feeling great! I thought I'd share the wisdom since I never realised how good they are for you. Click here to find out more reasons to go bananas for this yummy fruit!  
My mother in law has come to pay us a visit from abroad, it's been great having her with us. She's left the house sparkling and has put my cleaning to shame. It made me wonder what makes a house a happy home? Having a clean living space definitely helps you relax, but also I've found having things you love planted around the house can bring out those smiles. Here's a collage of a few things you've probably seen in previous posts that make me happy!

Clearly a happy home isn't just all external. Your comfort levels will change according to your relationship with those living with you. Starting a new life here has made me aware of trying to create positive daily patterns. I'd like to think I've made some progress already. I'm trying to look for all the things I'm grateful for, like Libya getting more green this winter (I'm not referring to the Gaddafi kind).
What do you think makes a happy home?

Photography by Amira Made


  1. Happy to see a couple of my gifts make you smile :)

    A clean home with lots of natural light help me stay calm and happy, but having my own pretty things around certainly help!

    1. There was more but I thought I'd leave them for upcoming posts :)

      I definitely agree with the natural light! xx

  2. I agree with all of the above.also nice cooking smells eminating from the kitchen; I don't think that's lacking at yours

  3. Trying new recipes is what's keeping us from eating out. I think maybe that's helping to keep a happy home :P


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