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Oh my, where to start? This week has been a long marathon of sketching! I seem to have these bursts of ideas all at once and I'm not complaining. It makes me beam with joy seeing my ideas come to life! It wasn't always easy while having my nephew around, however taking a bit of time away to play with him sparked some great ideas!
It's also been an amazing week because I've had so much feedback from you all. A big jazak'Allahu khairan to everyone who's sent me lovely messages, as it helps keep me motivated! 
I was flipping through my listography book and found this page on improving my health, I'm still debating whether to show you how I filled it in as I may have some of you holding me to it (Yes you!). Stay posted on facebook, as I'm thinking to share some delicious healthy recipes this week Insha'Allah!

Photography by Amira Made

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  1. Can't wait to see some of these zesty little designs in my kitchenAmira! They would make perfect kitchen blinds, chopping boards and tea towels.


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