The Sky's the Limit

I thought I'd introduce you all to this little green eyed monster, Skyler! Ever since I've moved in I've been competing for attention. I knew it was going to be hard to win her over since she's got quite an attachment to my husband. At first I thought it was quite funny, but months later the scratches and occasional bites have left me ready to tackle this problem. I now let her in the house while I'm working (her cuteness is very distracting!) and when it comes to feeding her I try to do it instead of my husband. It's not been easy, but I think she's slowly growing a liking to me. 
Sky isn't the only thing distracting me from getting anything done, I'm constantly in the kitchen trying to find something to munch on. We're trying to keep a healthy diet in our home yet find ourselves cheating every opportunity we get! So these next few months I'm ready to make a real change. I'll try to document our efforts and maybe share a few recipes. I'm a strong believer that if you can control your desires you'll be strong enough to accomplish almost anything! Plus who wants to live life in poor health? So hurrah for fruits and herbal teas!

Phtography by Amira Made


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Maira Gall