Cookies for Breakfast

It's the weekend here in Libya, and I can definitely say it's been my busiest week so far! I was worried I wasn't socialising as much as I should, but now I've really thrown myself into the deep end. That is how I ended up eating oat meal cookies for breakfast (dare I say it felt good). I must admit it's been so great to meet new people and reconnect with my family and friends! 
My husband doesn't seem to mind all the guests and outings since it always means good food for all. I'm so excited today because I'm going over to see my neighbour. I've also got another friend going round too which means there'll be plenty of chats, games and snacks! 
Since I'm going to be busy for the rest of the week I thought I'd post early. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend insha'Allah. I'm so happy mine is in the sun (so far). 

Photography by Amira Made

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