Design Tips For Your Home

Keep it simple: I've noticed people constantly try and fill up every space in their home to make it look complete. This can make your home feel cluttered and quite frankly very hard to clean! Pick out your very favourite items and keep them on display. If you're one of the lucky ones that have many, why not change them seasonally to give your home a little revamp now and again?

Texture: You can instantly make your house look homey by the use of textures like having different fabric cushions or wicker baskets to hold your magazines. Texture can also be used to make a room look more feminine or masculine. For instance for a more masculine room, instead of a wicker basket use a metal one. You'll see a dramatic difference. So next time you're choosing your materials for a room like glass, wood or fabrics try and think of who it's aimed for.

Bring life into your home: If your looking to breathe a little life into your space, try adding some fresh indoor plants. Lighting can also dramatically change the energy levels in your home, so get as much natural light in as possible. Lighting is just as important at night so make sure your light bulbs and lamp shades are easy on your eyes.

Break it up: When it comes to colour it's best not to match your curtains, carpets and pretty much all your items the same colour. This can make you feel like you're in a box or worse a cheap hotel room! You don't want to hurt your eyes when you walk into a room. If you're finding it too difficult, why not try using a colour palette? There's so many great ones out there like this one from Design Seeds. They've even allowed you to search by theme which I think is pretty awesome!

Your layout: When choosing where to place your furniture remember to keep an open layout. This basically means that none of your furniture should be blocking the door or any entrances. You can use the fire-place or TV stand for your centre wall and your furniture should face that. The same goes for your bedroom, try having the bed facing the door not against it. The idea is that you don't feel trapped or claustrophobic in your own home.

A House's Character: Some homes have some great history, when you're trying to redecorate you've got know what to hang onto and what to let go of. You may have wooden beams on your ceiling or vintage looking tiles in your bathroom. Keeping some of your house's character I think is quite important, while brining it into the 21st century. My only tip is to keep the aspects you like and modernise the rest. usually that refers to appliances. There's something quite charming about mixing a bit of history with modern accessories.

Creating Space: If you have a small home and would like to create the illusion of space it's important to keep your walls as light as possible. Preferably white! Large mirrors can definitely help to bounce off light and help to trick you into thinking there's more space, however also multi use-storage is just as important. Ikea tend to have a lot of those nifty items so check them out.

Practicality: I'm sure we've all seen beautiful art work or products that just don't work! No matter how good it looks if it's not allowing you to leave the room without bobbing down, then it's got to go! It's hard to hear but your home shouldn't be an obstacle course for you or your family!

Photography by Amira Made

Personal touch: At the end of the day your home should reflect you, so remember that personal touch. You can add souvenirs from your holidays, gifts you've received or even frame your kids artwork. You choose what means the most to you and display it!

 I really hope you found some of these tips useful! I'm still in the process of decorating and taking my time at it too. Nobody wants a home full of things they wish they didn't buy! 
I'd really love to know...what design tips do you have?

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