Mushroom Mania

It's quite a rare sight to see fresh mushrooms in Libya so when I do spot them, we buy in bulk. I then have to find all these exciting ways to use them! I must admit I was very hungry while making this sandwich, so I added  more ingredients than needed. This bad boy has lots of fresh parsley, sautéed mushrooms, coloured peppers, smoked salmon slices and a boiled egg (I'd cut out the egg next time for a more clean taste). One thing I do love about Tripoli is we have plenty of bakeries! We don't buy bread that often, but when we do there's lots to choose from. I know it seems I've been quite busy in the kitchen, but it's quite the opposite! Making healthy food like salads, soups, stuffed peppers and fresh dips have left me with plenty of free time to take pictures! 
These past few months I've been thinking about all the components that go into our food. Since I'm the head chef it's my responsibility to make sure we're eating the best we can. Trying to develop habits can be pretty tough at first, but we're slowly getting the hang of it. I'm really starting to see a difference in my skin, hair and overall energy levels. For those wondering that's fresh apple juice in my cup! I stay away from what my Dad calls 'black poison' AKA Cola's.
 Hope you have a blessed Friday, and thanks for reading! 

Photography by Amira Made

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