Sunny Avocado Salad

Since my husband and my friends have been doing a healthy diet this week, I decided to get in the action! I love making Granddad Raymond's jumbo salad for lunch. The Jumbo Salad consists of whatever you have in your fridge, easy! In my case that was a lot of avocados (Yum). This is actually one of my favourite things to have for lunch as the flavours literally just burst in your mouth. It was also a shock to have my husband finish a big plate full since he'd never go near any greens(Success!!). The reason his plate isn't visible in the pictures is because he gobbled it all up before I could take any snaps. If you're thinking to make your own jumbo salad just remember there are no rules, so put all your favourite veg, fruit and enjoy! I'm very sure you're tummy will be thanking you...

Photography by Amira Made

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