Sweet Fridays

Friday is clearly the best day of the week, and I make sure to milk it! French toast for breakfast and hot chocolate in our 'love bird' mugs, makes it that bit sweeter. As it was raining we made sure Sky was also inside nice and cosy. she get's her own breakfast, but for cats that's never good enough, as she wants ours too. 
I'm so excited for today as we'll be watching a bit of Sherlock Holmes (I'm slightly addicted), and we've found a few veg that has taken us weeks to find, like the underrated Celery! (oh the simple things I miss..) 
You might have noticed my posts are getting more foodie, it's not intentional I'm just a little obsessed. I'm sure it's a phase and I'll get back to my drawing in no time. I hope all have a wonderful blessed Friday. 
 Thank you and Jazak'allahu khairan for reading! xx

Photography by Amira Made

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  1. Love the French toast and the cute mugs :)


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