What's for Lunch?

Today is a very special day in Libya, it's the anniversary of our revolution! It still shocks me to think what Libyans went through, but so happy to celebrate our victory today. My husband and I have decided to stay indoors (Libyans get quite wild with celebrations), and have some of our favourite foodies. For Lunch we've had some shrimp sandwiches (my choice) and for dinner we're having my husband favourite Libyan dish, Rishdet Burma (probably the only Libyan food I know how to make). 
I've been getting very inspired by my favourite british Chef Jamie Oliver, with his healthy food and rustic plating. Trying to take as much tips from his shows on Fatafeat as possible (thanks Jamie for being such an awesome inspiration!). So today Is going to be filled with revolution songs, good food and of course great company! 
I know some of you are waiting for the homeware haul. I promise it will be on it's way, but haven't had chance to put our pretty pictures up. I tried to hammer them up, however my little arms are no match for the tough brick walls. So I'm in need of some tools to get everything nice and ready.
I hear the fireworks have started outside which means I've not got much time to chatter on here. Going to make sure to get on the roof tops and watch Tripoli's sky fill with pretty colours...

Photography by Amira Made

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