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I thought I'd surprise you all with a post, since I said I wouldn't until my new camera arrived! I'm glad that I did take a little time off, as it's helped me creatively to get back on my feet. The past few days though have been a little tough as I've been poorly. Thankfully my husband got his doctor hat on and prescribed plenty of rest, fruit smoothies and lots of telly!(strangely it worked). After all the nutritious eating and sunshine beams I was able to take a walk in the city centre. I can't wait to get my new camera to show you round Tripoli! We've got plenty of palm trees and how can we forget the Mediterranean sea? 
As you can see I've been buying colourful pots for every day use. I've done this for two reasons. Firstly so that when I wash the dishes I feel like I'm playing house, and secondly so  my food looks even more exciting! 
I hope you're all in good spirits and ready for a new week ahead. 

Photography by Amira Made

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  1. Very nice.. Mashallah..i love how colourful your plates are.

    Can you link me to your cards page on facebook?


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