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A few months ago I was putting on my make-up in the morning as usual, and got a typical comment from my husband on why I do that to my face? I laughed it off and replied I like enhancing it, but what he asked after is what got me thinking ''do you dislike your face that much?''. I was a little surprised as I never thought of it like that. It sounds very simple, but I never thought putting on make-up meant I disliked my appearance. Now thinking about it, if I was so comfortable with my looks then why would I mask it almost daily? Doesn't that seem a little artificial? This has lead me to doing lots of research and trials to get myself looking the best I can without make-up.

There's no denying I enjoy making things look pretty and my inner perfectionist can often leave me quite dissatisfied. My sister's touched on this topic of beauty before in a more Islamic manner on the Salam in Wonderland blog. I thought I'd do  more personal posts on how I plan on becoming a better me! For those wondering, no I don't plan on being another hijabi beauty-guru (there's enough out there!). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting dolled up, but I'm growing to believe it should be an occasional thing. 

I've realised in many areas of my life I cover the problem instead of dealing with it (Yes this includes my make-up). It's not something I enjoy talking about, however getting it out there makes me more likely to do something about it. Eating well is another issue that affects the way we look and live our lives. This is something I'm constantly struggling with. I used to think because I was slim I had a green card to eat as much junk as I liked. Well guess what? It still showed! Maybe not on my hips, but certainly on my spotty face! I don't even want to start on how sleepy unhealthy eating makes me...

Having suffered with illness myself and seeing others in my family go through it, I'm even more determined to look for methods of prevention. When you're ill there's only so much people can do for you. Modern medicine can't always cure you. Most methods are just to stop symptoms, and in-fact doesn't deal with the root causes. This leads me back to masking, it's something that needs to be seen to by you! After all this development and research that our generation has gone through you'd think we'd know better. We feed our bodies food that our digestive systems can barely breakdown (one of the reasons for lack of energy),  and even worse expect our children to eat it too!

In the upcoming posts I plan to do tips on how to look good without make-up. It will be in parts so we can focus on each feature/topic separately. I hope it'll be of benefit to those wanting to put their true face on in the morning. It's to encourage honest beauty that all of us are cable of! I'm hoping this will also keep me motivated with your support. 

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  1. Love this post! I just had a short talk with my husband yesterday about why do I wear concealer? He was like why do you wear it? you don't need it? it's makeup right? I was like nooo it's just a concealer! to hide flaws! He replied yeah but you realise it is MAKEUP! that really hit me hard! of course I know it's makeup but throughout the years I kind of lost it! �� I just can't go out with my panda eyes! years of studying and bad sleeping habits gave me long lasting marks �� no matter what I tried! nothing worked! so I ended up in covering the whole issue! which I believe is wrong too, I don't wear make up outside I am convinced and believe it's haram going out in public with zena! although I wear concealer! weird right? I don't know how I got attached to it so much! wearing it with BB cream is like wearing my shoes! something I would really love to stop using! I know it does more harm than good, I was just thinking of buying a new anti dark circle roll-on! but not anymore your post came to my rescue �� I will try anything that could help me reduce the dark circles. Ps sorry for the very long comment, needed to talk it out! looking forward for your next honest beauty post ��!

    1. Should I be glad to see i'm not the only one? Haha. Well I'm looking at the suggestions online for dark circles (I'm sure you've seen them). It seems quite dependent on what the cause is, if you know it's sleep then half the work is done, but if you think something else is contributing then that should be tended to as well. Have you thought about asking your doctor? I'm writing a long list for the next time I see mine haha, she might just end up thinking I've got another problem entirely :P *Warning* long lists tend to creepy people out.

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  3. "Most methods are just to stop symptoms, and in-fact doesn't deal with the root causes." My favourite rant! Look forward to see what's coming :)


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