The Legend of Leptis

Welcome to Libya's hidden treasure, Leptis Magna! You don't need to know the history to appreciate the beauty of this place. The name Magna, meaning great could be sensed throughout our trip. We looked like tiny people against these ginormous landmarks. With bright blue skies we started our trek around. The guide led the way (AKA Mohamed) while my mum and I trailed behind. My husband's historical 'facts' definitely had us giggling as we really should have done our research before hand. As you can tell I got carried away with the happy snapping, and these pictures aren't even a quarter of what I took! We certainly felt we were transported to another world. Looking at the intricate patterns, sculptures and larger than life arches. 

This was my very first visit, so you can imagine me and Charles' delight when seeing these views! My favourite part was the amphitheatre as it overlooked the Mediterranean sea. I didn't know this at the time, but I was actually sitting next to where the VIP's used to come out from and spectate (which makes a lot more sense than what we came up with! haha). We enjoyed every moment discovering this magical site and hope more people have the opportunity to visit soon! Libya has so much beauty that's yet to be discovered and I'm excited to see more.

 As you all know I've now purchased my new camera. My beloved Charles will be going to a new home. This was his last blog here and I wish him all the best (why does this make me feel sad?). I hope my little sister Hannah will take good care of him and have her own exciting adventures. 

Photography by Amira Made

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