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Hello, I thought I'd brighten up your Sunday with a post (I know it's long over-due!). It's been a little quiet since I made a sneaky trip to England. There's some exciting things that have happened while I've been away! For those of you that don't know, I've got a super talented sister, Nadia! She sews and designs the prettiest dresses for her nadinoo shop online. The best part is that she's now opened her doors to the nadinoo boutique/studio! *Squeals* It's based in Manchester's Craft & Design Centre, and how could I miss the opportunity to go and see it for myself? I'm not going to lie, if there was such thing as a sister crush, this would be it! I'm always in awe of how she's able to create beautiful and unique dresses. They make you feel like you should be in a story book, where there's a bit of adventure, and always a happy ending (is that just me?). When I was younger, there was nothing more exciting than having her as an older sister. She was always creating something magical in my eyes. I can never forget the fairytale dress she sewed for my Barbie for my birthday. She might be cringing now, but I loved it! So it was no surprise that she's been such a big success with all her whimsical collections. 
I'm always inspired by her work, and I can't wait for her up-coming tutorials! Bring them our way Nadia...

I was only in England for a couple of weeks, so I crammed in all the family time I could muster. This means I didn't get as many snaps as I would've liked, and wish I saw more of my friends (please forgive me!). Now that I'm back in Tripoli there's lots to be done, and blogging life can resume, hurray! See you all soon God willing.

Photography by Amira Made

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