English Tea Party

This Monday I had a little get together with my lovely girls for an English tea party (to begin the week off right)!  I've been planning this for a while in my head, and glad we could come together to make it a reality! I put up my Cath Kidston bunting, and set out the table after preparing some finger food. The girls all brought something they'd home baked and let me tell you, it tastes even better than it looks, yum! We all felt like we were miles away from the troubles of Libya wearing our pretty dresses and sipping on our teas. For us it was a home away from home experience as we were all raised in England. I'm hoping I can replicate this again once all our friends come back home to Tripoli, as it's not the same without them (Yes you know who you are!).

This week has been quite busy for me, as I've had the fortune of photographing many of your weddings! I've been editing away (or at least as much as I can with our daily power cuts!) and excited to show my clients pictures of their special day. I've noticed while being in such a troubled country, many of us want to live happily. Going about our day as best as we can, it's really given me hope. Hope that even in chaos there's something very beautiful happening somewhere, we just have to look to find it. 

Thanks for reading, I'm so happy I can share my little moments of joy with you all, not forgetting that so many countries need our prayers and support right now. 

Photography by Amira Made


  1. I came across you blog by coincidence and I must say that it looks very professional, the artistic directions is cozy and photography is very well done, good luck and good continuation.


    1. Oh thanks for the positive feedback Muhannad! Inshallah there's much more to come, especially since i'm learning about this blogging world more everyday!


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