It's a Date

Hello Friday, and hello to all you new readers! I'm so excited and slightly overwhelmed with seeing views from all corners the world. I try not to look at these things for too long as it makes my head hurt (numbers and geography were never my specialty). Today I thought I'd share with you this sweet date treat. It's something I came up with to indulge on with my husband, while we're having our daily herbal teas. The best part is it's completely guilt free, yipee! 

All you need is Medjool dates (the sweet sticky kind) and either desiccated coconut or roasted sesame seeds.  Roll the dates into a ball and dip in either coating. To make it a little more special you can pipe natural peanut butter in the middle, add your favourite nuts, seeds or even add a bit of cocoa powder to the date mixture! It's super simple, but really fills your sweet cravings. I had to make these several times as I kept eating them while taking pictures!

While we're having frequent power cuts here in Tripoli, it's the best opportunity to get creative. I use these electricity cuts as my productive time, where I clean, cook, organise or even doodle some ideas for future plans. I'm not going to tell you 7+ hour power cuts are my favourite part of the day, but it's starting to push me to do more with my time. It's quite easy to lose yourself online or working away all day on the computer. I like to think of living in Libya as a challenge, oh what am I saying? It is a challenge! I'm just hoping it's not big enough for me. I want to believe that when an obstacle comes my way, I'm ready to tackle it. In it's own twisted way, I think it's fun! (I'm going to regret saying that aren't I?). 

Just before I go and get myself in trouble, here's a link of my recent photo-shoots on Pinterest. Make sure to share with friends and family looking for a photographer. I'm  really enjoying my new job, especially since I get to experience something new every time. I'm so excited to see what's in store for me next! 

Photography by Amira Made


  1. These look super delish. Must try them soon

    1. I just found out there's different exciting versions of these online, hope you like them xx


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