Summer Picnic

Well where to start on this story? After weeks of a friend and I discussing a picnic on the beach, we finally got our husbands to come round to the idea! It wasn't the smartest plan we've had, since fighting in Tripoli has escalated, but we're glad we got the opportunity to escape (or at least mentally avoid) the madness for a while.

My favourite couple came to pick us up early morning on Saturday, and it was all smiles and giggles as Rukaya and I couldn't believe our luck! Rukaya has started her own blog since her work has stopped, so you can check that out here. She enjoys sharing her expert baking skills along with her personal experiences of living in Libya today.

It felt so good to finally be enjoying our summer holidays with a trip to the beach. I know it won't be the last as it's just a 10 minute drive away from our house. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God) that we still have our optimistic hats on while things are taking a turn. Our only option is to believe/pray things will get better. Having great friends by our side is definitely helping us make the most of what we have! 

Here's a few quick snaps of our day, and our failed attempt at a sandcastle haha..

Photography by Amira Made


  1. Lovely photos! It must have been such a welcome escape. I hope you were able to dip your toes in the water for some refreshment!

    1. Thanks, yes even though I didn't dress for the beach, I still got my feet wet. We're thinking of going another day especially for swimming (we're crazy I know!). Btw My friend just posted her own blog about our trip out I hope one day you can come back for a visit, would be great to meet your lovely self x

  2. I definitely will be back! I miss Tripoli so much, and I have a lovely friend there who I am aching to see! And I REALLY miss Libyan coffee!


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