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Since starting wedding photography I've found there's so many little tips I want to share with my clients. These are all related to getting the best photo's of your wedding celebrations! 

1. Inspiration: My first tip is find out what type of photography inspires you, the best way to do this is make a Pinterest board and start pinning! Send the link to your photographer so they know exactly what style of photography you like. If you'd prefer to just find pictures online, then that works too!

2. Organise: Make a wedding Itinerary even if it's a brief one. The more organised the day is the more photo's the Photographer can take. Delays can eat away at your photography time. Also assign people for different jobs, so that when it comes to taking group shots everyone is present. 

3.  Lighting: Check the venues lighting, this is very important as it will allow your photographer to know which equipment to bring.  

4. Main Shots: Make a list of your absolute must have shots, and send it to your photographer.This will insure the photographer captures all the important moments to you. 

 5. Special Items: Bring along any gifts or any special items that mean a lot to you. It may be a perfume, picture, family heirloom etc. Whatever it is, it will make your day that bit more special and unique to you. 

6. Practice: This may seem odd but practicing some poses before your big day can help you out a lot! Holding your posture can make a huge difference too as photo's sometimes can exaggerate even just a little hunch in your shoulders.

7. The Helper: Assign a good friend or family member to stay with the photographer, this person can help point out who's important to take photo's of. They can also make sure that you as the bride get prepped for photo's (Fixing your wedding dress, and giving some honest advice is a huge advantage). This will avoid a lot of unnecessary pictures and improve any portrait shots of you.

8. Happy Face: Make sure not to leave the wedding salon unhappy with your make-up and hair. If you don't like the way you look in the salon, chances are you're not going to like the photo's taken of you either. Take a few pictures of the make-up and hairstyle you want to the salon, and be sure they get it right! 

9. Clutter Free: Clear away any clutter in all the photo-shoot areas, no matter how good a photographer is they won't be able to edit it all out. Plus it creates much more clean and focused images.

10. Prep Groom: Let your Husband/ Fiancée know beforehand what couple shots you want together. It can be hard for your photographer to direct the groom, plus avoids missing any shots you wanted to take together. 

11. Like a Friend: Be open with your photographer, being shy can definitely limit your photo opportunities, and potentially make you uncomfortable. Let your photographer know if there's any spur of the moment ideas you'd like to try. This can also lead to the photographer being more free to offer suggestions too. Feeling like you can be honest and open will create relaxed fun images.

12. Payments: When it comes to payments try to do things before hand. Either before the wedding day or just before the wedding starts. This will help avoid confusion of payments whilst the photographer is leaving. 

13. Enjoy The Day: Things will most likely go wrong at some point in the day, either the cake frosting wasn't the right colour or one of the bridesmaids forgot her flower crown, whatever it is remember these little bits are part of the stories you'll tell. These moments can also actually make perfect picture opportunities, so keep your head up and smile! 

I hope this was helpful to some brides our there! I have plenty more tips for my clients and felt these were the most important ones concerning photography. 

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