Changes in the Air

 What a very odd day! I wasn't planning on writing a post, but this strange weather has got me feeling like I'm in a mystery novel. There's a lot going on politically in Libya, as it's finally been decided which government is going to be in power (we had two *giggles*). I'm really hoping this weather isn't setting the tone for what's to come. I'm joking, I think? (Let's just pray for the best!). 

Well it's finally my day off, and it's the weekend in Libya, hurrah! I lit some candles, made my favourite vanilla tea and hopped into bed.The cheeky chocolate is my reward for being almost a week off sugar (I only took a bite, honest!). It's a dark chocolate with Italian orange, yum! The roars from the thunder have brought out the little girl in me, and for some reason I seem to think the covers will protect me from all sorts of dangers (the little treats help too of course). 

October was my busiest month yet with photographing over 10 various events! To say I'm in need of relaxation is an understatement! The work isn't over yet, as I have to finish all the editing, and hand them over to my eager clients!  It was very rewarding to have both Baraka Bits and Your Middle East write about Amira Made! It really felt good to have so much positive feedback after all the hard work. 

For those writing to me asking for more blog posts, I'm hoping this month I can do just that! I still have plenty of photography bookings, however I'm determined to share some new exciting posts (I'm really missing it!). You might have noticed I've been a little Pinterest happy these past few days, I'm getting lots of inspiration for upcoming blogs so do follow along...

Amira Made Photography


  1. Another lovely slice of Libya life. Who needs pintest? this is way better!

  2. Absolutely agree Julienne. This is by far much better! I'm in love and gives me so much inspiration :)

    1. I need plenty of inspiration myself, but thank you for the confidence boost! :)

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