Clean Living

Recently with all the cleaning, cooking, and photography work, it all got a little too much!  I was feeling a heavy pull, and I'd wake-up agitated knowing I had things that needed tending to. How could I work happily during the day while my home needed taking care of? When I first moved to Libya about a year ago, my husband and I decided we were going to own a clutter-free home. We made sure we only bought things we actually wanted. With my mini melt-down I discovered that we didn't need to de-clutter,  we need to de-own

I started researching online about de-owning, and what it really meant to live like a minimalist. At first I was still thinking like a consumer. I thought what style of clothes and accessories a minimalist would own. What should I buy to live this lifestyle? This made me realise how hard wired my brain was to being a consumer (It's pretty scary stuff to be honest!). In just one day my life has changed. Realising my things don't own me has been a true awakening. Wasting time organising and cleaning things I don't need or want constantly isn't a way to live! 

Once I understood my possession were weighing me down, and holding me back, I could then focus on just keeping what I needed and what I loved, that's it! The process of living a minimalist lifestyle is continous. Always evaluating what's really enhancing your life and letting go of what isn't. 

There are so many benefits of not accumulating unnecessary things, such as free time and more money to spend on experiences. I've decided to make my own clean living guide to help me day to day. These are the simple things I can do while living in Libya, as we don't have a recycling system (that I'm aware of anyway). 

1. Only keep what adds value to my life.
2. Only buy what adds value to my life.
3. Choose ethical products. 
4. Choose quality & durable items that will not need constant replacing.
5. Do not accept pamphlets or samples.
6. Use eco friendly light bulbs.
7. Take my own reusable bags when shopping.
8. Use homemade products as much as possible (e.g baking powder, lemon, vinegar etc). 
9. Switch appliances off when they're not being used.
10. Constantly evaluate how to make my home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Knowing that this concept of living has been going on for centuries has helped me understand what material items are truly for. They should be tools in making life simpler. Our society has become so consumer based, we choose to spend our free time shopping! This  revelation has helped me feel empowered. I now really do have control over my possessions, time, and money!  I'm excited to show you my homes new minimalist look, I'm just waiting for some renovating to finish. These pictures are taken from Pinterest as inspiration. 

I hope you found this useful, the upcoming post is a little something for my friends in Tripoli, so stay tuned! I'd like to leave you with the same question I've been asking myself, does what you own serve a purpose or make you happy?

Photos are taken from Pinterest


  1. Can't wait to see your minimalist look! (From one minimalist to another!)

    1. I'll warn you, it's all just me getting creative with Ikea furniture lol, I don't get much chance to scope the traditional furniture shops for key pieces. Seems us INFP's are more similar than we think!

  2. Amira, this topic is definitely hit home base for me. I'm in the process of moving to Tripoli, and deciding what it is that I value and need to keep. I seem to find myself constantly having to focus only on keeping and buying high quality durable items that I will not have to replace often and they will add value to my daily life.
    The funny this is the more I pack and rid myself of my stuff the more I love my home. It's very strange but I like my rooms having the bare minimal actually feel like a weight is lifted.

    1. I can definitely agree with you there. There's some relief when getting rid of things you don't need. I hope you're move to Tripoli goes well, let me know when you arrive xx

  3. Looking so cool info you shared and Its really amazing one. thanks for this useful post.

  4. Yes! I agree and relate so much - it's so honest of you to admit to how hard t is to 'deconsumer' - despite my best efforts, I still fall for it sometimes. I'd love to hear your tips or suggestions to keep it going!

  5. Excellent collections and it is good to see the pictures with different designs..

  6. Whether at home or in a business setting, the use of green house cleaners or supplies is beneficial to everyone. Fewer toxins are used and released into the environment and cleaning jobs are safer for users.

  7. Dear Amira,
    Thanks for your post, it’s very useful for me because I am going to move this summer, I will follow your example. You are right that all I need is less, but unfortunately we often forget about it. I enjoyed your pictures! I would like to share a great free app with you. It is called Carde at All image content of top social networks is there. It can be helpful in communication with your followers. Thank you again and I am looking forward to your new posts!

  8. Amazing, looking so neat and clean. really nice post. Thanks!
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  9. I like your minimalist approach. I've just married and moved into a new flat. That's when I realised that owning what you "need" and not what you "want" is so much more important than people think. It just reduces that extra stress when you've got so much to think about - work, studies, baby, family - even the husband needs that attention in the right moments. It's so important ! It encourages rather than discourages you to clean and brighten your home. Very inspiring ! Thank you! Make more posts and please share your cleaning routine and new home hauls ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Ella for your comment! :)

      Glad you're implementing these in your new home! It's best that you figured this out early, as it helps avoid all the guilt from getting rid of things after. Not to mention the time it takes to declutter homes!

      Not sure my cleaning routine would inspire anyone haha but I have heard of a book everyone's raving about called 'magic of tidying up' as for the haul, I will do that but be warned, I own very little and may disappoint :P

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