Getting Better

After a few good months of health I've now come down with a horrible cold. I'm a strong believer in natural remedies, and refuse to take any medicine. I thought I'd share with you what I do when the nasty bug comes to visit! 

Ginger becomes my magical ingredient, along with 100% natural honey and a zesty lemon! A hot drink with these fighters is my sure way to recovery (this is perfect for nausea too!). Since lemons can be a little too acidic, after one cup I then just switch to herbal teas (green tea is my favourite!). Never underestimate the healing powers of natural honey. I've almost finished the jar to soothe my sore throat. You can find out how to make this hot drink through one of my previous posts here.

Feeling poorly is never fun, but I love any excuse to stay in my PJ's all day and wear fuzzy socks. Resting in bed with a hot water bottle is my second favourite way to natural healing. I let my bodies immune system battle it out.  Staying hydrated, rest, keeping warm and a hot shower seems to always do the trick! I'm now feeling much better already thank God, hence this blog post.

What is your favourite healing remedy?

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