Gifting & Minimalism

I was very hesitant on writing this post, as I realised it could easily come off the wrong way, but heck I'm willing to take the risk!  After I started to shift away from my consumer ways  I was wondering what to do about receiving things I would no longer be buying myself. Also If this would change the way I gifted to others. I've never been very good at buying gifts unless someone told me quite specifically what they wanted or I had a very good idea on something they had their eye on. 

This post is about how to gift to minimalists. Asking can be the easiest way, but can definitely kill the surprise aspect if that's what you're after. To avoid a hit and miss scenario here's a few tips I've come up with that you can't go wrong with;

1. Tangible objects may not be what the receiver values. In this case, paying for a fancy meal or tickets for new experiences can be the perfect present. Caution: This can go wrong if you take the person to a place they don't like. E.g Take them to a restaurant that's too spicy for their taste or bungee jumping when they have a big fear of heights ect. You should know the person well enough to decide which activity they'll appreciate.

2. Buy something they need. I know this sounds boring, but these have been some of my favourite presents! I'm personally not the most practical which means things I should buy sometimes get pushed to the side. It can be a great relief to have someone remember those handy items or even jobs that needed tending to! 

3. Kind words, sometimes all anyone wants is just to hear words of love and encouragement. Nothing's more heart warming than a letter/email or just a super long text to remind them they're cared for. Sticky notes are fun too!

4. Everyone has one of those things that they just can't minimalise, whether that's certain foods, plants or their crazy book collection. Whatever the person values, they'll never feel there's enough of those items. It's just one of those sure things that will put a smile on their face! Only thing to make sure of is they don't already own it.

5. Do something in their name. There's so many wonderful charities out there, that set up projects either in local communities or in poverty ridden countries. They offer anything from planting trees in your name to supplying families with tools to generate an income. Lots of charities will even give you updates on anyone you may have helped, how awesome is that? 

6. Get creative; If you're a great cook, make them a delicious meal or if you're great with a camera then pictures and videos are great minimalist gifts. If the person is a techie, buying programs, ebooks etc can be just as good. 

7. Time, it's not often thought of as a gift, but in today's world it's probably the biggest! Put away your fancy gadgets, switch the TV off, and spend quality time with those you love. No one needs to spend a penny and it's the most valuable. 


  1. A woman after my own heart! I'm a dedicated minimalist and I know that people find it hard to buy for me. I'd add flowers to that list because they are often an indulgence (and if you don't like them they have a very short shelf life!) I often feel guilty about my feelings with gifts because I don't want to be ungrateful, but life is just so much better without 'stuff'. I struggle not to be evangelistic about this! :)

    1. Yes flowers is always a good one! I know what you mean about the guilt, it's never nice getting rid of something that was well intentioned. I'd love to know how you live minimally whilst having a family. Get back to the blogging world Please! :)

    2. The blogging will begin again this year! In the process of registering a 1970s Fiat camper which we hope to take on some short trips around Austria and Europe. It will put the minimalism to the test! Will let you know when it is up and running!

  2. I particularly agree with number 1. Stuff is over rated. Experiences are the gift that keeps on giving. Everytime you think about the activity it will likely make you smile.

    1. This lifestyle is making me feel light as a feather, let's hope it blows me your way lol We can have a fun day out :) xx


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