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So as you may know, I recently had the pleasure of photographing my sisters new clothing collection, The Good Life. I not only got a glimpse of what went into creating the collection, but what inspired it all! 

During the week leading up to the photo shoot I got to stay in the countryside with Nadia's little family. We visited local coffee shops and took walks while Nadia explained her vision for the collection. I was ecstatic to see it all come to life by the end of my trip. The photo shoot seemed almost effortless. Chelsea, our model, was so relaxed and slipped into the garments approving of all the 'secret' pockets she found. It was clear to see the collection wasn't just to look good, but to be practical no matter what your plans were for the day.

This trip really helped my own journey as I realised how much more special everyday clothing could be. I feel inspired to think more on where I buy my clothing and look for quality items made with care. 

If you'd like to see more of Nadinoo, she has her very own blog. You can follow it here, or check out her website

It's been such a good experience to reconnect with family, and also watch my sisters Label grow, especially now that she's a mother. This is my favourite collection and I hope you like it as much as I do!

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