Last 10 Days

Oh wow, when did this happen? It's the last 10 days of Ramadan! For those that don't know about Ramadan, It's a month in which muslims refrain from bad actions, give in charity, increase worship and fast from food and water until unset. I guess it's the only month where we're forced to deal with ourself, our lower self. 'Starving' our worldly desires, while gaining good habits in the process! 

You may recognise this place in the picture, it's where I had my wedding party. If you look a little closer (in the shadows towards the door) you can see all the people heading inside to pray. I snapped this shot on our way for nightly prayers during the first few days of Ramadan. Everyone was trying their very best not to make noise, as we didn't want to wake-up the neighbourhood (the last thing anyone wanted was complaints of rowdy muslims on a friday night haha). I'm really going to miss the vibe that this month brings, and I hope I can come out of it a better person. 

I spent this month on holiday which was slightly unexpected. I'll share those pretty pictures with you soon and a few new things I learnt from my trip! 

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