Rust & Stone

My mum and I were looking out for a smoothie bar around Spinningfields, and came across Rust & Stone. Excited to have found all the healthy food options we decided to sit down and have some brunch. I'm so happy to see these clean eating places open up in Manchester. Now that people are being educated about food, it's starting to become 'cool' and 'hip' to eat healthy! I also spotted that they use eco friendly utensils which is another big thumbs up. Haha you'd think I was getting paid to say this (If only). 

I enjoyed their humous and sundered tomato sandwich, with a cold berry blast smoothie! So much so, that I couldn't find the patience to take a picture (very rare I know!). The outside seating area was just as awesome with a modern moroccan decor. If any of you know my mum, you'll understand how happy Moroccan style makes her, she was definitely in her element!

I'd love to see places like this in Tripoli. Tastefully designed restaurants, with good ethics. I must confess  I spend too much time day dreaming about this sort of thing. I'd hope that one day I could help in designing a new Libya. I'm just sending out the vibes. I guess something I don't talk about as much is my love for interior design. If you've seen my Pinterest likes, you'll notice it's a bit of an obsession. Nothing excites me more than home-ware shopping. Oh dear, I sure have a lot of interests, just time to focus on a few for now me thinks.. 


  1. beautiful and earthy feeling to the pics....very nice.

    1. I think you would have liked it, there was plenty of raw food options too haha, I know how much you love that :P

  2. i would like to try their smoothie but spinningfields is so far from where i live :( btw i love the pictures!!!


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