Summer in Spain

Well this ramadan wasn't like any other as I was probably the only visible muslim for miles. It didn't help that the headlines weren't exactly featuring 'muslims' that were spending ramadan like the rest of us. I did enjoy though getting asked by Spaniards why I had my head covered, and then watching their reactions as if to say ' oh dear, but you seem so nice?'. language barriers obviously cut our conversations short, but I do love the exchange.

Ramadan Reflections

The time away helped me reflect more on the past year and what I hoped to achieve for the rest of it. Since Ramadan restricts you from so many things, you constantly have to ask yourself if what you're doing is permissible. So even after the month is over you've got in the back of your mind saying, am I allowed to do this? I love that, because it allows me to be more conscious of what i'm doing. 

The past two years I've been focusing on my diet, and now I'm slowly learning about minimalism. I feel like Ramadan brings all these things together. Fasting was always asking me to evaluate and question why and how things benefit me? 

I know restriction is usually seen as a bad thing in today's world, and I was asked a few times if I cheat while fasting? I love this question. I've also been asked why is it so bad if you just do what you like, what's the harm?

So here's a few reminders of why self control is awesome-sauce;
  1. You can treat people more fairly, even when they're not around.
  2. You can feed yourself properly. This means you're less likely to overfeed yourself and more conscious of what you eat.
  3. You will have better spending habits (less likely to be in debt).
  4. More inclined to spend your time efficiently.
  5. Unlikely to be susceptible to any forms of addiction.
Basically the points (there's thousands more obviously!) are just saying, with fasting or any practice that teaches you self-restraint, you're more likely to make the right choices, which ultimately will bring you a happier life. Here's a study for those interested that shares the results of the affects of self control.

There were so many 'aha' moments while fasting, as I felt more in-tune with myself. A clearer understanding of my not so great qualities was a great learning curve. I'd love to know if you had any ramadan reflections, so please do share in the comments section! 

If you'd like to watch my video showing off this lovely place, just click here!


  1. Amazing pics and photography. Sucks i couldn't make it. maybe we can go on a trip there soon inshallah.

    1. There's plenty more places to visit together!! :) xx

  2. Such a lovely little video! I laughed at the fact that you didn't bring enough money and had to haggle for your bag! :)

    1. Yep, definitely not forgetting money next time! but shocked at the fact I got it for practically nothing! :P

  3. nice blog and fabulous pix ..maybe u should think of having your owen studio or sth like that ....i like your work 👍

  4. and maybe sell out some of ur pix ... they very very what the word ...ummm peaceful ?


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