Nadinoo Homeware

I've been resisting the urge to post these photos on my instagram, ever since I found that my sneaky sister, Nadinoo, designed a homeware collection, no biggie! Just my two favourite things put together! (I really need emoji's on this blog- insert crazy happy face here). I'm not sure which rock I've been hiding under since it came as a complete surprise. 

I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with homeware, and since becoming a minimalist I've really had to think of how my everyday items can be aesthetically pleasing. The idea is that I'm eliminating unnecessary ornaments, but still feel like I'm sticking to my lifestyle! 

The first time I laid eyes on the fabrics, my instant reaction was to reach out and touch them. I can tell you they're soft, and look even better in person (if that's possible!). I love the detail, colouring, and refreshing vibes I get from just looking at them. You can feast your eyes on the full collection here. I'm still trying to decide which apron is my favourite, which one's yours? 


  1. I really like the pears one!

  2. both blue ones would suit my kitchen :) :) Rana xx

  3. The collection came as a surprise to me as well!
    Loving the pear one :)


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