If you remember last year I did a get to know me post, which was well received!  Some of it is outdated, and I’ve got plenty more silly, and unusual facts to share. I'm always up for giggling, even at my own expense! I'm hoping that it helps you relax a little. We all seem so tense, and serious these days. Come on folks, let's just embrace our weirdness! 

Can I also take a moment to say how awesome it was to have Hadil finally get some decent shots of me. I know I look a bit formal, but I had to gain composure after the last 'get to know me" post haha..

  1. As a child I made up a game called 'Poor Poor', where my sister and I would pretend to be living in poverty, trying to build up our lives! Not sure why that game never caught on really...
  2. I was going to be named Sumaya. Just think, this could've been Sumaya Made...
  3. I once cried because my 'friend' stole my doughnut. No doughnut isn't some code word. Just a regular raspberry jam filled doughnut, with powdered sugar on top. Not cool. I can forgive, but I'll never forget.  
  4. I can only swim backwards (oh the irony..).
  5. I used to make youtube videos before youtube existed, and thought 'I wish there was a site where we could upload these video’s to share, and make our own channels.' I even made cartoon advertisements on flashmx. *cringe*  
  6. I used to think I could live off fresh orange juice, and full fat milk, not together of course, because that would be crazy
  7. I secretly judge people's intelligence on their humour. (The pressure is on!).
  8. Growing up I really wanted to be Pakistani. Who am I kidding?...I still want to be Pakistani! haha *weeps*
  9. I don't wear or own a wedding band (Yes I am happily married!). 
  10. I'm highly allergic to cats. This hasn't stopped me from keeping them as pets. Every sneeze is darn worth it!
  11. My only food weakness is crisps. I consider the average packet size as a little sample. (Go big or go home I say!)
  12. Believe it or not, I'm actually a private person. My family find this blog a bit out of character. 
  13. I don't get bored. There's no such thing as boredom, just boring people!
  14. I'm scared by loud music. I probably shouldn't have admitted that since I work mainly at parties. 
  15. I don't celebrate my birthday. Does no one else think that the birthday song is slightly depressing? 
  16. I have no interest in traveling the world, I just want a nice big farm, with lots of fresh veggies and cows! (How else will I get my orange juice and milk supply?).
  17. I intentionally pronounce things incorrectly for my own amusement. I'm actually giggling just thinking about it! It's my instant pick-me up! 
  18. I never wear nail polish. Seriously, how does it stay on for longer than 30 mins?
  19. Whenever I accidentally hurt myself (which is a lot!), I just say made up words to distract myself from the pain. Somehow ishimnay & obbeh seem to be pretty popular in my made up vocabulary. No need for being a potty mouth! 
  20. I use cocoa powder as a bronzer. Don't judge it until you try it haha..(yum!)
I have to stop myself there, and save any dignity I might have left. Please do share some of your own silly/unusual facts in the comments section. I'd love to hear them!


  1. Even though i'm a city girl, i've always wanted to live in the suburbs or on a farm. Away from the city's pollution! Nice blog ;)

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      It's the ideal life, living with everything you need in one place :)

  2. OMG...i`m dead...most of the post made me smile...but the last one got me in a belly roar. I was not expecting it.

    1. Haha, glad you found it amusing! I'm actually a proud advocate of cocoa bronzer lol

  3. -I'm terrified of balloons
    -I'm addicted to pinterest
    -I'm allergic to flowers
    -I have lived in the countryside for most of my life
    -I don't wear alot of makeup, prefer the natural look
    -I've never died my hair
    -I own more shoes than are strictly necessary.
    -I have lots of pets
    -All of my friends live in different parts of the world

    I enjoyed reading the random things about you…how fun :)

    1. Hahaha, love that you're afraid of balloons :P Some great facts! Thanks for sharing! Maybe you should have a shoe sale online, I might want to purchase ;)

  4. hi, nice post!

    People dont know:

    - I'm big on conserveing energy ( reuseing the back od printed paper, lights off unless i am in the room, dont open the tap on full blast!) ( water, paper, electricty)

    - I've always wanted to live on an island.

    - I secretly want to owna dimond set, so i can just look at it!

    Asma ( Admin/ for amira made photogrpahy)

  5. Great Post and Nice Blog
    hmmmm... I'm always scared of Dogs even puppy


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