To Post or Not to Post?

So about two years ago, I deactivated my personal Facebook profile. I realised it was robbing me of a true fulfilling life. I also thought I could take that internet time to at least blog, and use social media to get closer to my dreams. I found myself posting on Facebook for the sake of it.  What a strange thing just to post for no particular reason? Perhaps it was an inner voice calling out to say 'hey I'm here', or even worse 'like my posts so I can feel validated'. haha... whatever the reason it wasn't convincing enough! I think the purpose behind continuing my blog, even if it is rare and few between, is that I know my intention behind it. It's to share my interests, ideas, and maybe find those that share them along the way. But most importantly, it is authentic, and serves a purpose.

I've had this conversation with a friend previously, about why social media has become such a big part of our lives. Don't get me wrong, It's benefited me tremendously. I've actually made some of my closest friends through them, plus let's not forget my work revolves around it! I just find we're now blurring the lines between, real connection, and petty signs of acceptance. Every little while, I take a step back to evaluate what I'm doing. It's easy to get lost in just posting with no real purpose. I'm sure you've realised by now that I enjoy questioning absolutely everything. Why do I do this? How can I make this better? Is this really benefiting me?  Thankfully the easiest way to decide whether to post or not is just to simply ask either of the following;

What's my intention and does it serve a purpose?
Is it encouraging and inspiring?
Is it kind?
Is it in line with my morals? (I added that since we can be strangely hypocritical, myself included. Promoting things we don't necessarily feel is correct).
Is it true and authentic to me?

I'm sure one of these questions is enough to make you realise if you're wasting you or anyone else's time. This new age of living has really left some of us disconnected. Compromising real love, and perhaps our families privacy too, for measly forms of validation. I guess these are our tools today,  It's exciting, but also can be extremely invasive if not filtered and limited. No one should sabotage their real lives for a 'cute selfie' or a witty tweet. If you haven't watch Instagram Husband you MUST! It might have given me a good chuckle (especially the 'we used to eat our food and now we just take pictures of it' plus so many more gems!), as it hit too close to home, but honestly it upset me to think families, even ones paid through social media are neglecting real moments. Swapping real experiences for something far less valuable. It's not just a question of whether to post, but knowing when to put away your phone, and be fully present. I think you'll find it's the best way to say 'hey I'm here'.

Do let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. Do you ever regret a post and think 'heck why did I share that?'. Leave a comment below...


  1. Lovely December post :) . I think writing a blog, with a lesser audience frees the mind and is a good decision you've made. A true writer writes for that mere sense of enjoyment until others eventually enjoy it with them.

    It's something I've thought about a lot too. It's not only social networking though, I find it in many electronics. Look how many families are more entertained with watching TVs then having a chat with each other? How many people can't bring up conversations with distant friends and family simply because they haven't kept up-to-date with news/trends/politics/beauty... Even cooking.

    Libyan cooking was once about women gathering to chop different herbs and sweets: mixing them and stuffing them. It was a form of cooperation, a social group.

    Now cooking in Libya has turned into a competing battlefield of who makes the best dishes, from all over the world, of all different creations. When you invite a guest it's no longer about the guest, it's about the food.

    Cooking is such a powerful example because everyone loves food, it's what we need not just what we want, and it tells us a lot about how the world has changed.

    1. Thanks for your comment :)

      A very accurate observation related to the food! It seems our intentions are getting all muddled up these days.. I'm sure there's potential to change. Hopefully just correctly our own faults will lead to some domino effect.

  2. Amira, it's so good to hear someone else chime in on this. I deleted my Facebook a few years ago and haven't looked back. I use social media in conjunction with my blog, and I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes I wonder if others feel the same! Thank you for sharing.


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