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Like many of you I'm sat here wondering how time has flown by! It's scary to think I might just wake up one day, and wonder where my life went. I guess the best way to make days memorable is to be as intentional, and conscious as possible. Looking back at this year I'm feeling proud that I took on some big challenges. In all honesty, none of them are fully accomplished, however I can see the progress!  I guess that's the biggest success of 2015 was challenging myself that bit more, to become the person I'd like to be. I'm generally quite hard on myself, so I've decided to write down some of the successes of last year;

+ Downsizing my home and becoming a minimalist.
+ Starting to become zero-waste here in Libya (probably the most challenging, but the most fun!)
+ Seeing my own beauty without make-up. It's been a long journey, but I now can say I wear make-up about 2 times a week. My own natural face, is my preferred look for most days.
+ I now use natural products either homemade or from ethical brands. Basically reduced the amount of harmful chemicals we're exposed to.
+ I'm less self conscious and limiting to my ideas and goals (A big breakthrough!).
+ Overall healthier. We've dramatically reduced processed food at home, mainly due to becoming zero waste.
+ Growing my photography business by hiring our talented team.
+ Being better at money management and saving.

My favourite thing about these accomplishments, is each goal complimented the other. Was it a lot for my family to take in? Most definitely! Thankfully my family is supportive, as for my incredible husband, he's really had to put up with a lot. Having an unconventional wife probably isn't half as fun as it sounds haha.  All I can say is it's finally paying off! Thank you to him, and to everyone else that's helped encourage me!

I'm looking forward to this fresh start. How can I not be optimistic about the new year when I have a view like this? Sorry to be showing off our sunshine here in Tripoli. I guess winter just means seasonal fruit! Blood oranges anyone?

I'm still wondering what I'm going to do next with this space. I know there's so many topics I want to write about in the new year. I just started thinking perhaps to allow for guest bloggers? It's all sounding too self absorbed lately haha..

If you're interested in writing a guest post just send me a message at

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