Giving Back

I get asked a lot about what happens to our garbage since starting this zero waste lifestyle. I'd be lying if I said we generate no trash completely, but we have dramatically reduced it! One of the ways we reduce waste is by giving back to the earth (I like to think it's some kind of thank you!). We collect our food waste which is stored in the freezer, to avoid smell throughout the week. I'm sure many of you are familiar with composting. So once we've got a bag full of food waste, it's then ready for rotting. For the time being we just dig a hole in the back yard and pour it in, simple! To avoid unwanted pests we make sure not to include meat or any animal bones. I'm looking into getting a clay pot for rotting as used by many to help this composting process. If you live abroad, you may have local food composting 'bins' that you can use instead.

I can't help but get an overflowing sensation of gratitude while doing this task . It's such a great way to feel part of the earth. We're so distant from our trash (and rightly so) to the extent we don't realise the damage we're causing. I no longer want to be part of the system that enables us to harm the environment, and inevitably ourselves too. Did you know it takes around 500-1000 years for plastic to biodegrade? It makes me question if the 'convenience' is really worth it!

Here's a few photos of our weekly food waste. Mainly skins from our fruits, and a few leftovers. What a wonderful world we live in, that our food is colourful with biodegradable 'packaging'! If you have any men around, why not give them an excuse to do the hard work? I'm sure they'll secretly enjoy it haha.

 If you're interested in learning a bit more about living a zero waste lifestyle, just head over to either one of these inspiring blogs;

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For those that haven't yet heard, I've set up a Zero Waste Libya page, to start our very own community. Make sure to like the page, and email to volunteer. Thank you so much to everyone who's signed up already!


  1. Thanks for posting, I needed this.
    We recently requested a food waste bin but it's just been sat there ever since we received it. Time for us to start giving back to the earth and composting our waste!

    1. I'm sure you'll enjoy it Hannah! There's this clean feeling you get whilst doing it, that's kind of addictive! xx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing - so kind! I loved this post, and I think Zero Waste Libya is so rad. Have loved following along with it. Xoxo.

    1. Not sure why I'm only reading this now! You know I had to share your blog! I'm a fan of not only your inspiring way of living, but your homey & slightly nostalgic style!

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