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Oh hi there! It's been a while to say the least. Firstly a big HAPPY EID to everyone celebrating! My day's been filled with family festivities and yummy treats! I've also been blessed to have a welcome visitor from England, my dear little sister! We're now finally home with herbal tea winding down for the day (Thanks big sis for the teas, I drank the 'love' one wishing you were here!). 

I must admit I'm not really sure what happened to this blog. In the midst of work and family this space got left behind. I can't make promises that it will change any time soon (but I sure hope it does!). I miss being able to share my thoughts on here and taking pictures. For those that don't know; I'm no longer taking any photography bookings, so that could help move this blog along! 

I've been receiving messages about my whereabouts on Instagram. I thought I'd explain myself to clear the confusion. I'm sure if you follow any of my previous social media you'd realise I have a major love/hate relationship with it. I was spending far too much time looking at those delicious insta-squares, so I thought I'd do myself a favour and delete it. I don't plan on making a new account, so you'll just have to follow this blog for updates. On a positive note, it was nice to know that some of you really appreciated my uploads. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside that encourages me to continue, so thank you! 

This blog wouldn't be complete if you didn't get to see my cheerful Eid outfit! The 'fine day' dress from Nadinoo's Good Life Collection.  I'm so in love with this dress (and the print that I couldn't resist the matching cushions!). I then had my little sister braid my hair like a pro to complete the look. How blessed am I to have such talented sisters keeping me looking pretty?! I certainly needed it after my lounging during Ramadan.

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