Summer Haze

In an effort to show my little sister all the beauty Libya has to offer, we decided to take a quick trip to Leptis Magna! I knew just who to ask to join our adventure. Our lovely friends  (also conveniently our neighbours!) were looking to go but hadn't got the chance! It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out and explore. A big thank you to them for lending us their car for our journey. 

It's hard to believe we had the site to ourselves with just the odd passer by. It's my third visit to Leptis and every time I feel incredibly giddy with excitement. The landmarks make me feel teeny-tiny, and in a strange way I feel we're just playing pretend. I guess I still can't comprehend anyone ever living during these Roman times. Perhaps a fourth visit could change that haha!

After a good trek round in the afternoon sun, we were quite frankly very hot and a bit sticky! (or maybe that was just me). Thankfully as soon as we reached the sea side we were welcomed with a fresh summer breeze. Looking at my sister jumping from the rocks brought back memories of our childhood together. Where we'd play for hours without a care in the world. I was the dreamer and her the fearless adventurer! It reminds me how precious these moments are, but also how far we've come. I like to think those parts remain within us while we take on new paths in life. 

+ I have two recommendations when planning a trip out! Firstly get your own personal comedian (e.g husband or someone related to you). In my case my husband and a family friend. They had us entertained and chuckling all day! 

+ Secondly is to prepare zero waste reusable items. This is so you don't end up littering or looking for trash cans! (Sadly I had to edit out litter from a couple of photos) The only way to hope for positive change is to lead by example. It can seem tricky at times, and perhaps not worth the 'hassle' but ultimately it pays off. 


  1. thats so sweeettttt, love the last picture especially!

    1. I hope I've tempted you to come for a visit ;)

    2. This place is mindblowingly awesome and your pics show it off in all its glory. It doesn't matter how many times i visit this beautiful place I never get bored with it. I hope i can do it with a guide next time who knows his 'onions' :)

  2. love this post! I have been wanting to visit this site for so long, I never get the chance. Inshe'Allah you have renewed by determination to go this week. Beautful photos like always. keep up the great posts


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