Mahogany Eyes

Before I go ahead and share some tips on how I keep my eyes looking good without make-up, I just wanted to share a little memory with you. Whilst in my early teens I remember thinking how I wished I had different coloured eyes. I thought anything would look prettier than 'boring brown'. I recall asking my dad what colour my eyes were in hopes he could see a gimplse of a nice shade. My dad replied 'I don't know, I guess they're brown'. Obviously this didn't satisfy me, so I then added 'what shade of brown?' he then replied 'Mahogany brown'. This makes me giggle till today. I remember being so amused that he used a type of wood to describe the colour! Whenever I look at my eyes now, I think of that moment. I never realised that I  have the same lovely brown eyes as my dad. I guess the first part of learning to look good without makeup is acceptance. I now can't imagine my eyes any other way, and I love them! Not just the colour, but that fact they've allowed me to see beautifully my entire life! Thank you Mahogany brown eyes, you've served me well.

How to Look Good Without Make-up; EYES 

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Now I don't know about that exactly, but I definitely believe healthy peepers can look great even without a smidge of make-up! Just a reminder these posts are to promote honest beauty. It's mainly a reminder to myself that I don't need make-up to feel pretty. These posts have been the most requested and viewed, so I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks!

1. Want sparkly eyes? Eat plenty of dark leafy greens. Diet is the key to clear sparkly eyes. A healthy gut ultimately will shine through your entire body.

2.  If you're anything like me, mascara might be your go to make-up item. To avoid the urge of coating it on, you can always darken your lashes with black henna, or buy an eyelash dye kit! It's my 'permanent' mascara.  Use a spooly or an old mascara wand for best results. I guess this works best for those with lighter eyelashes.

3.  Clinique Eyes Serum or Liz Earle's Eyebright can help soothe puffy eyes in the morning. Leaving them look bigger and brighter for the day ahead.

4. Hydrate. Eyes tend to look puffy in the morning, best way to help prevent it, is to hydrate your eyes. I have two things that I like using to dab under my eyes;

+ Argan and Olive oil
+ Homemade eye cream ; 2 Tbs of coconut oil, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 drops of frankincense essential oil, 2 drops of Lavender essential oil.

5. Massaging I've found is the best way to lift my puffy eye lids in the morning. I use my eye cream to make circular motions to help relieve water retention in the area. You can just use coconut oil if that's all you have on hand.

6. The spoons! I've been asked on many occasions why there are spoons in my freezer! Oh yes, I'm not ashamed of it! I use cold spoons to depuff my whole eye area. Just pop them over your eyelids to reduce swelling.

7. Who doesn't love fluttery eye lashes? I can't stay away from my eyelash curlers! Make sure to get a good quality pair and use them twice for 10 seconds each time. First time clip your eye lashes as close to the root as possible, and second a bit further along to create that nice curve. A neat trick is to use your hair dryer to heat the curlers first for a more lasting effect!

8. Now for those that have damaged their lashes from extreme mascara use, have no fear, castor oil is here! Castor oil is well known for growing luscious hair. Brush it on your lashes with a mascara shaped wand. You could also make a coconut oil and lavender serum. Just add 3 drops of lavender essential oil to 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil. Lavender is perfect for hair growth and also straightening!

9. No one likes dark under circles!  One of the best ways to help reduce them is using baking soda. Take a tsp of baking soda, and a tbs of water, Use the mixture lightly under the eyes for 10 mins. This will help brighten up dark circles. Do not rub them in as it can sting and burn your eyes.

10. Pop some rose water on cotton pads or even just a face towel, put it in the fridge for 5 mins, and rest on your eyelids for about 10 mins. It will reduce any redness or inflammation and keep your eyes refreshed!

11. When all else fails a good ol' high pony tale lifts eyes like no other. I try not to get carried away, but honestly it works a treat! Whenever my eyes look a bit tired it's an instant facelift.

12. Drink up! Switch your sugary fruit juices with fresh water. Sugar is our skins sworn enemy as it causes premature wrinkles. There's no easy way around it I'm afraid. Simple substitutes is the best way to cut it out slowly. If you still have a sweet tooth try using organic honey, coconut sugar, date sugar, stevia or fruit.

 13. Allergies! If you have allergy issues, it can leave your eyes swollen and itchy. Make sure to seek out natural solutions. Consult your doctor for the best treatment.
 I've suffered from hay fever all my entire life. I recently found 1 tsp of local honey with 5 tbs of water as a effective solution. Use an eye dropper and put 2 drops in each eye. Be prepared for it to sting but it gives lasting relief. Honey is also known for brightening eyes.

14. I'm sure we've all heard you need to get plenty of sleep, but I've only now realised the importance of the quality. Make sure you have a winding down routine. Dim your lights a few hours before sleep. Switch off gadgets and any screens at least an hour before bed time. It's crucial to sleep in complete darkness. Any artificial lights while sleeping disturbs the quality of your rest. Lavender and Frankincense scents are great to use at night. This cheeky chocolate is actually homemade out of coconut oil. The dark cocoa contains magnesium which aids sleep by relaxing the muscles and eases stress. I'll share the recipe in another post as it's easy and very healthy!

15.  Elevate your head whilst sleeping. This can reduce swollen looking eyes in the morning. A nice fluffy pillow will do, or two in my case!

16. I'm a big believer in getting as much natural sunlight in your morning as possible! Exposure to morning sunlight can dramatically help brain function and make you alert in the morning. In raises body temperature to normal and therefore leaves you feeling bright eyed. Blinking also helps moisten your eyes leaving them nice and sparkly!

17. My final tip is instead of opting to do anything to your eyes, perhaps just change your outfit. For me changing my scarf can instantly help my eyes look better.

18. This last one isn't really a tip but there's a few benefits of not wearing eye make-up. Generally appear younger, wash your face without smudging, no exposure to harmful chemicals, but mainly an acceptance of your natural appearance.

Here's a shot of my minimalist make-up cosmetics.
Aveda- Petal Essence, Inner light concealer
Origins- Kizzing lipstick, Planstscription concealer, Pinch your cheeks blush
Burt's bees- Tinted lip balms

I'd also like to mention.  When you are wearing make-up it really is worth your while to use natural cosmetics. They make a world of a difference in the long run. One of the reasons I've chosen to ditch eye make-up on regular days is chemicals appearing in our cosmetics are absorbed through our skin. Unlike harmful chemicals in our food, they go straight through to our bloodstream without any filtration. This might not be so bad on odd events, but on a regular basis you really don't want to be in contact with those kind of chemicals (e.g Parabens, PEGs, coal tar dyes etc.) especially in one of the most fragile parts of your body. 

Let me know if you use anything for your eyes to keep them looking good without make-up...


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