Shades of Navy

As I sit here writing this, these two little munchkins are cuddled up on the sofa with giggles of 'No Navy noo!'. Our kitten Navy is a new addition to the family. Keeping cats hasn't really been my specialty, but I'm ready to change that! Seeing my nephew light up when seeing him, is definitely worth all the trouble! I can picture their many adventures already..

Now that work has almost come to a standstill, I get to spend qaulity time with close family. Some of you may know that my dad is suffering from Parkinson's disease. It has really consumed our lives for the past few years. I'm fortunate to be able to have him close by. It's been deeply upsetting watching someone so fiercely independent become so helplessly reliant. I've avoided talking about it wishing the problem would just eventually fix itself. I plan on opening up about these topics as a way to heal.
I know it may seem trivial when we have so many atrocities world wide, but I'm sure many can relate. Loss comes in many forms, and it can affect us all in various ways. As for myself, it's really sent me into a downward spiral. I feel like these waves of sadness are just warning signs what what's yet to come. I'd love to use this space to keep myself, and hopefully you too, uplifted! We all could use some inner light when everything looks so bleak. Do let me know what helps you in darker times...

A little gift to myself was this gorgeous kitten. Best idea I've had! Not only has he filled my heart of endless love, he's brought me a bit closer to winning over my nephew! I picked Navy out of about half a dozen kittens. My friend laughed, and pointed out I'd picked the 'ugliest' of the bunch (surely she's blind?! haha..).  I know Navy doesn't seem like the most 'cheerful' name, but it's purely out of my love for the colour. Once I show you my wardrobe, you'll understand where the obsession started! My little nephew is adamant on calling him Navy-Blue, so I guess that will also do!

One thing that brings me joy is being creative! I love painting, and so does this little boy, so we took a trip out, and bought some water paints. I feel like my inner child is ready to burst when looking at all the pretty colours! Pinterest has given me plenty of ideas of what to paint, so I'm hoping something will be good enough to frame.

I'm going to leave you with these precious photos of a bittersweet day. I'd love to remember the joys of how I spent time sat with my father, cooking with my husband, and then playing with my dear nephew. This weekend may not have been perfect, but I'll sure look back at it fondly...

Apron & Cushions are from Nadinoo's homeware collection. 


  1. Lovely photos as usual. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I agree, loss comes in many forms and each form requires grief. Focusing on a scale of loss means that we can never really grieve the way that we need to. I hope you can enjoy many more days like this together.

    1. Thank you Emma for your kind words and support. It really has taken a toll on him, but I'm happy I can be here with him through it all. I sure pray theres plenty more happy days to come! xx

  2. amiraaaaa, this is so beautiful, love you <3333

    1. I love you more cherry-chip cookie xx


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