The Introvert

 I really wanted to start opening up on this blog. I like to think I've kept this space as honest as possible.  I've definitely glossed over the hurdles that've come my way, so let's change that!

One thing that has kept me hidden in terms of work, goals etc. is my fear of having to be seen and known. As a very content introvert, the idea that I'll actually have to interact with people is a scary thought. Being a photographer I do have to deal with clients, but I'm generally hidden behind a large camera, and use sign language over the deafening music. Enjoying time alone does not mean I dislike people, quite the contrary. I love spending quality time with those I love, however alone time is where I draw energy for the real world. It's like this happy space where I get to dream up my ideal life. It's generally where all my creativity lies. Where I make sense of everything when the world disturbs me. It can be very floaty and unrealistic at times. It's obviously a good place to be for short periods of time, but it's not a place to live.

I was sent a little gift recently in the form of a friendly neighbour (She knows who she is!). That's been pushing me to dive in head first (Quite literally in-fact while swimming!). While off on our adventures together, she questions why I'm holding myself back. I guess just using the excuse of being an introvert just isn't cutting it! There's been some exciting offers coming my way recently, and I'm thinking it's time to start materialising these 'dreams' of mine.

Having an introvert husband could possibly be making things extra tricky! We love nothing more than doing everyday tasks alone. Home is our safe haven. I personally don't plan on changing that as it keeps us authentic to our nature. I do however think making sure to reach out, and get out of our comfort zone could benefit us tremendously! 

If you have anything to chime in on this topic, do comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts...

[ These shots are taken to showcase my ordinary day and minimalist home. Simple chicken tikka masala for lunch with zero side dishes haha! We prefer having side dishes as snacks throughout the day ] 


  1. You are remarkable! Don't change anything unless it suits a greater purpose in your life!

    1. Aw thanks Hanaa, that's very kind of you to say! :)

  2. I love your home �� I can relate to this so much

  3. To start with, the rice dish and the chicken looks super nice, i am sure it tastes great too !

    ok, being an introvert is no longer an excuse. yes i agree i am my side ..being a man it makes it even worse in Libya. I simply needed to interact with ppl as much as I can in order to get things done. I simply can't sort so many things out unless i am a "socially well known" sort of thing. People here tend to help those who know or have some sort of interactions, relation with even those they don't really like them (it is hypocricy but in a good way :D ) .I remember my boss once said "door wont be greased until it is squeaked" .

    I don know how to explain that but this something that we have to face. It is our society. A society that differs a lot from i would say western societies where ppl tend to live with "distance" from others and yet still sound ok and "human"

    u have actually mentioned it .." a quality time" , but any time is a quality time for so many Libyans... and this brings us to another topic ... time management and priorities that (so many of us and i still think using the word Libyans is fair :p ) still show no quality level on that....

    You are absolutely brilliant, u r definitely ok and nothing is wrong with what u have said or what u r on .... it is your life at the end , maybe some people have to accept that fact lol

    1. Firstly I'd like to say, thanks so much for such a comprehensive comment! Made my day :)

      I can understand why it's important to socialise in a culture where everything is done by 'was6a'. I guess male introverts don't get a break!

      The libyan culture is a much longer debate I'm afraid. I'm sure you understand why.

      Thanks for the support and kind words fellow introvert!

  4. Oh the struggles of being an introvert! I'm now realising I really should have interacted more once moving to a new city as I now have a fair amount of free time and no one to spend it with!

    Like Ali said though, I don't think there's too much wrong with being an introvert, Libyans just aren't used to private people.

    1. Hannah I'm sure it's not hard with your cute face! I love your energy/vibe and I think others in your city are missing out :P Lapata de valon pay xx

      (I also agree, there's no harm in being introverted along as it doesn't hold you back in life)


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