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Hello there! It's been a while since I got on here and just chatted about good ol' Libya! The real highs and lows of living in this crazy land! The past three years since moving here I've finally found my own formula for getting by. For those with the luxury of dual citizenship it's a constant internal battle  deciding if living here is really worth it. It's a never ending debate. So is it worth the trouble? and by trouble, I mean, complete and utter instability. From the constant power cuts to difficulty withdrawing money from the bank! And oh boy, don't even get me started on the reckless driving!

My conclusion is this, if you're the type of person that needs plenty of structure in your life, then you might as well pack your bags now! The heaps of patience you need to live day to day in Libya is endless! As for myself, I like to think I'm quite fluid. In all honesty it's a bit of a sink or swim situation I have going on haha! This whole 'unpredictable lifestyle' is something I've had to accept! In short, yes it can be worth the trouble if you're in it for the long haul! So since you folks love bullet points, here's my top reasons to live in Libya! Just a quick disclaimer; I've had to put on my invisible patriotic hat!

What are the pro's of living in Libya? 

+ I don't know about you, but Libya's warm climate is a big advantage! Winters are not too cold either!
+ Living costs in the city are low (I'm comparing them to places I'd like to live). Bills are very low and affordable. 
+ Libyans are incredibly hospitable people. My dad likes to make a point of how there's no other country where you can just walk into a wedding of someone you don't know, eat till your fill, and leave! haha (He's clearly referring to the simple days where most people did their parties in tents). 
+ We have a small population which means there's very little competition when it comes to work, and business in general. There's so many gaps in the market from services to products. 
+ Libya has some amazing historical sites and breathtaking views! 
+ Whether we're benefiting from it or not right now, we still have some of the best natural resources. It's bound to pay off at some point surely! 
+ Libyan food is delicious, end of story. Who knew dough-like meals could be so tasty!  Bazeen and Aseeda anyone?
+ Petrol is super cheap hence all travel is very affordable.
+ Life here is generally relaxed and slow paced (I see that as plus!).
+ Homelessness is low. This is mainly because our population is small, but also because families are willing to live together in large groups. (Can't afford a house? just build one on top of your family  home haha!).
+ I don't really want to add this but health care and schooling are free. It's clearly not the best, but I thought it was worth a mention. 
+ Libya's potential is endless, everything from the location to our natural resources. 

Okay now I got that out of the way. My formula for getting by is pretty simplistic. It's always making sure to look ahead. See what could be instead of what is. In terms of backward culture or traits, you make the rules! Libya is predominantly youth, which means change is just round the corner! There's no need to hold on to old traditions that don't serve a greater purpose. Culture can be a valuable thing that binds us together and makes us unique. I have no doubt in that, however we can bring positive changes where it fails us. In terms of how to get by through tough times, I like to realise we have the power to create our own reality. Our lives are as great as we make it, and ultimately comes down to what we choose to focus on.  So surround yourself with those people that lift you up and build the life you always dreamed of!

Thanks for reading and make sure to comment! :) 


  1. I miss libya nd bazeen. Nice pics!

  2. Libya always feel beautiful though your eyes Amira.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Sarah :)

  3. I love living here I wouldn't live anywhere else!! Its not perfect but I like it :P

    ~ Nusaiba

  4. I am loving the immense creativity and resilience in Libya today. It bodes well for the future inshallah :) I'm looking forward to my next visit Amira <3

  5. I can't wait! I'll start writing down all the hot spots to visit xx

  6. I like your positivity, but you failed to mention the lack of security. I think all of the obstacles in Libya are bearable except for the lack of security.

    1. There's a lot a haven't mentioned to be honest. I've just labeled it as 'complete and utter instability'. I would need a much longer post just to describe the issues in this country. However it wasn't really the purpose of the blog post.

  7. Dont think libyans are welcoming people, too aggressive for my liking and you going to a marriage that you know nobody and get filled never happened to any one I know may be because am nigerian, hope you dont get shot at by th libyans


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