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Not sure if it's too early to celebrate no power cuts, but I am! The weather here is starting to cool down, and I'm getting excited. We were at one of my favourite places when the heavens decided to open. Rain only means one thing here, that's flooding! Floods also mean cancelled plans, and staying in your PJ's all day. Quite fond of the idea to be honest. 

It's been a while since we got the chance to go to Sapore, but glad we did. It has an industrial vibe and an open kitchen. Perfect for peeping in and telling them to add cheese! So pleased to be seeing these glass mugs everywhere in Tripoli. No plastic straws for us Zero Wasters; also fresh drinks are where it's at folks! I'll pretend there's not a hefty cup of sugar in these (shhh..). A semi 'healthy' outing I'd say. I'm really trying to get brave enough to take photos on our trips out, but whispers from my husband saying 'I hate you' don't help my confidence levels. I can't blame him, it is pretty annoying. Try holding a chunky camera in public places, you might just be better off with a weapon. Ok maybe not, but you should see the expression on peoples faces. That look of 'please not me, not me!'. You'd think my arabic would be better by now to explain myself, but no. I just give a cheesy thumbs up and a polite smile. I must say, it does the job. I seriously dislike having to talk to anyone if I can get away with miming. Thank the lord for universal hand gestures!

Since I'm traveling next week, I think posts are going to have to stop until I come back. Times like these I wish my laptop would rise from the dead. My brand new macbook pro was destroyed on my wedding day. I haven't forgiven myself to purchase a new one. It's been three years since that horrific accident. Can't bring myself to accept that it'll never be fixed. Anyway, that means no blogging whilst we're there. Will definitely take Max Canon along for the trip though. 

As for the house tour, I'll just take a few shots, and put them up. Why is easy and effortless, never actually easy and effortless?

Damp and rainy view from our window


  1. Cute purse! Ive been searching for one like that with no luck, so far.

  2. Thanks, I got mine in a fleet market in Spain. It's worth looking for a long time to find the perfect one, instead of just buying anything, good luck!


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