The Real Fake Eid

Not sure how Eid crept up on us this year, completely unprepared! We did our usual qurbani donation as keeping meat is not practical with a family of two (you can do it online if anyone's interested in the future). Unlike many Libyans this is what we were chowing down for brekky. Don't worry folks Mohamed ate long before these photos were taken! Surprisingly my food was still nice and toasty once I finally got a chance to dig-in. It's certainly not the healthiest, but needed something different to get us up and running! I'm sure these images will have many tutting with disapproval. I'm just keeping it real haha! There's almost no traditions in our household, and I doubt an english breakfast will be one of them either. 

Like most Eid's we spent time visiting family before eventually heading home. We had a long debate whether to BBQ or continue our English theme. After fussing and faffing trying to light the grill to no avail, we decided roast it is! So incredibly happy that happened, as I cannot remember the last time I ate a good roast dinner! I love nothing more than crispy potatoes and gravy drizzled on roast lamb!  I kept the meat pretty simplistic with crushed garlic, rosemary, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Oh and a roughly chopped onion to caramelise. Many of you might be mislead into thinking I cook typically western meals, which is actually far from the truth. Spicy foods are generally our go to meals. One kept secret is my hefty spice collection that's not minimalistic to say the least. Cutting it down would be a crime. You can make the same meals with completely different versions, just by a few spice changes, it's magical! In Libya where variety is scarce it feels like quite a luxury to make international foods with the original spices, so you can't mess with that. A good tip is buying local spices when thinking of what to bring back from your travels! 

Candlelit Dinner

You'd think Eid would mean we'd have electricity all day to celebrate, but no! Lights went out before I could even say 'bismillah'. I pulled out these scented candles from the shelf as they're the only ones I have left (must remember to get some more, so handy in this country!). I guess it set the mood, but by the end we were eating in what seemed to be complete darkness. Makes you realise how important it is to see your food while eating. I took a snap with my camera to show how dim it really was. Ended up brightening it, as perhaps even you may not see! Amused by our misfortune we continued the rest of our humble meal. Strangely, I quite enjoyed the day. I'm starting to either become a real odd-ball, or my standards have dramatically dropped, either way I'm happy!


  1. Love your house n pics! Do a home tour plzz

    1. Thank you Danya, I do plan on it! :)


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