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Well I've been promising to do this post for about 2 years now, but the perfectionist within wouldn't allow it. My home is still going through many changes. Switching to becoming a minimalist, and toning down the colour palette has proved to be much more challenging than we anticipated. I must admit though, it's been so rewarding watching it come together slowly. We love coming home to this bright space. It refreshes us when we're drained by the troubles of Libya, and calms us when we just want to hide away. Living here can be overwhelming. So a simple home really is essential to getting by.

So I'm going to let you in on a secret. I'm messy. My brain is full of ideas, theories and endless amount of possibilities! This often translates into my outer world. It's hard to contain it all. Jobs unfinished while I chase new projects. It's really a wonder how I fool anyone to be honest. Apparently many think my life seems very 'orderly' and 'neat'. The good news is, it really is becoming so day by day. Minimising our items at home, and lessoning our workload has allowed us to live a more carefree lifestyle. That 'mess' I talked about is a lot more manageable. The ideas in my mind may not be quieter, but I make sure to not take on more than I can chew. It's about simplifying your life according to your capacity. The noise in my mind can now in fact flourish in a clear environment. 


What generally scares people about becoming minimalists is this idea that you're limiting yourself. Perhaps with a vision you must live with stark white walls and an empty space. It's definitely a way many people take it, but that's not really the principle. Minimalism is about keeping what's important to you. Not bothering with extra things that just weigh you down. All the 'what if' items lingering in every corner. Bits and bobs that you use only once every 5 years, or not even that. What was most appealing to me, was the idea I'll have more time to do the things I want, instead of tidying things I don't need. I'm also completely against this concept of buying only to showcase you have it. Unfortunately this is a deep rooted issue in our Libyan culture. I remember being harassed for not owning my bedroom set when I got married. In all honesty I just couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to stay without one, until I eventually did. Why this would upset anyone else is beyond my comprehension. To feel peer pressure to purchase items is just plain silly. You're essentially buying things to get others approval. 

In my personal experience, my money is my time. To work for money only to spend it on items I don't need, makes little sense. Do we not value our time to that degree? I guess minimalism allows you to assess your priorities and question our norms. You may find you've been conned into working more hours than you actually need. You may value reading, quality time with family or just simply volunteering a more rewarding way to spend your time. There's different forms of currency. What's inspiring about minimalism is how your view of your life starts to change. If I have everything I need to survive, then what is it I truly want? If you reflect on that even for a little while you'll realise how simple our answers are. I guess you can say minimalism empowers you. It gives you the tools to live according to what's most valued to you! 


It's great to hear everyone rant and rave about minimalism. Now you may be thinking how practical is it really?  For myself I took the extreme route. I wrote a bit about it in my clean living post. In short, I got incredibly overwhelmed with my stuff and decided to chuck it all out. Let's hope most of you are sane enough not to go down that road. Best option is simply go drawer by drawer and donate any items that not longer benefit you. It can be a slow easy process, that will leave you feeling clean and tingly inside. You'll find yourself feeling that same buzz you get from purchasing items. This new 'high' from releasing things that were weighing you down. Negative spaces will now be filled with new energy. I love placing fresh plants ( I assure you 95% of them are real hah) in corners to bring  life.  

I was planning on going into the design aspect of the house, but decided against it. The reason being is I'll share that once certain things are complete. I'm just pleased it's finally at a point where it doesn't overwhelm me. If you'd like to see my inspiration board just click here. If you're interested and not sure where to start perhaps make a Pinterest board and see what inspires you. You may find a few months down the line the items you once thought were attractive, no longer appeal to you. That's a great way to find your true timeless style. 

For those asking me about my cushion covers. You can find them on the nadinoo website, at the homeware collection


  1. Finallyyy!!! :) :)

    1. Haha yeah sorry it took so long! :P

  2. This was so many more pictures than I was expecting and they're ALL amazing! :)
    I agree, I now feel so much excitement when I think about doing another clear out - in the same way someone else might be excited about a shopping trip! At least my happiness isn't costing me anything, right?

    1. Yay glad you like it henoosa! Totally understand that decluttering buzz. It's addictive!


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