A Taste of Home

Working with 'at home' for the past few months has been such a satisfying experience. I've been dying to share it with you all! Perhaps I can do that fully once I return to Libya. Compiling all the images now would need a speedy internet connection, which I currently do not have! These are just a few shots I took on my last visit there. This is Aseel and I digging into our English, and American breakfast. Thanks to Sarah Shibani for taking these snaps of us. I have a few more silly ones, but I think I'll save those for a rainy day. 

 I've been photographing at home's delicious menu, and taking portrait photos for their customers. It has allowed me to try something a bit different, and dare I say I'm thoroughly enjoying it! No panicked brides or the usual rushing around. I'd say tasting their food, and meeting new people has definitely been an added bonus to the job. Sipping on tea and getting lost in conversation has been a real treat. Sarah (one of the owners) and I have a mutual interiors obsession, which just needs a good 10 hours to discuss if not more! It can be tough to stay on track, but we somehow manage. It's all giggles and excitement when successfully completing our shots. 

For me this place is a little slice of England. I try not to say it, but I do miss it. I guess this is my happy medium. A mix of both worlds. A good serving of English breakfast, and then as soon as you walk out your greeted by the lovely view. The Mediterranean sea.  A bit of England when sitting inside and a bit of Libya whilst looking out.  I definitely recommend the balcony seating, that has such dreamy lighting. Seriously considering just moving in! hah


  1. Such amazin pics, keep it up!

  2. I love 'at home' and you capture it so beautifully amira


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