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 I tried getting my point across through Instagram stories, but those short clips don't allow enough time to get a full point across, so here we go! Here's how to live with others that don't share the same lifestyle. Whether you're a newbie to a lifestyle, or have been doing this for a while, here's how to harmoniously live with others that don't share the same lifestyle as you. 

1. Respect their wishes as they're respecting yours. It's our actions we're accountable for, and forcing someone will only bring about resentment. Accept them as they've accepted you. It's old but gold people! It should be no surprise to you that others have different opinions and beliefs. Understand where they're coming from. This may sometimes mean you have to compromise.

2. Explain why you're choosing to live this lifestyle, and how much joy it brings you. It will help them understand you better, and perhaps find ways to support you, without feeling forced to.

3. Have self restraint. If others around you don't fully share your values or lifestyle, don't use them as a scapegoat to give up. It's your will power that is the issue, not theirs. Temptation is all around, but that should just raise your determination.

4. Show zero signs of judgment. No 'suggestions' or 'subtle' hints. Nothing! Live and let live. This is different from the first tip as you can respect someone, but still be trying to 'subtly' change them. It really doesn't work. Take it from personal experience haha!

5. Allow your lifestyle to speak for itself. If it's as amazing as you believe it is, it should be evident to those around you how awesome it truly is!

6. If they show interest in your lifestyle, you don't need to do the talking. Share content that has inspired you personally. It's always better coming from someone else. We are flawed beings, it's hard to take advice from someone we know isn't perfect.

7. Consistency is key. A good thing to remember is nothing changes overnight.  Small progress is the best kind. It's long lasting, and isn't abrasive or shocking to those living with you. Diving full face into new extreme lifestyles can be hard for others to deal with, so perhaps take it a step at a time, for your sake as well as theirs.

Hope those tips were of some use! I'm doing my best to put this into practice, as I'm guilty of all the mistakes mentioned above. Another good reminder is be grateful to those you live with for putting up with you. Not sure where I'd be without my husbands kindness, and patience for all my unconventional passions! We're all just finding ourselves in this crazy world, appreciate those that are there along the way.


  1. Very thoughtful - I agree 100%, particularly about allowing your lifestyle to speak for itself.

    1. Thanks Liz, it's sometimes easier said than done hehe..


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