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April has just flown by, and for the first time, I actually enjoyed how I spent it! (I guess the saying is true after all). I'm generally full of regret by the end of the month wishing I got more done. Leaving social media as my last priority has proved more rewarding than I originally thought! We had family visits, spent time exploring outdoors, and I also started reading all those books that kept piling up! If you must know, they're light reads to keep my spirits high. I've been saving all the doom and gloom material for rainy days. (Something tells me those days won't be coming anytime soon!). Not checking my phone at every moment has taken a tremendous amount of will power. Putting it on silent, and just switching off the internet helps keep me present. I just recently plucked up the courage to do take a dip in the pool, and finally sign myself up for expat events! Who knew all I needed was to get that darn phone put away? 

Here's a few snaps of our last day of April! We soaked up the sun, and did a substantial amount of walking! As delightful as it was, the day ended with sore feet, streaked red faces, and overstuffed bellies. Oh who am I kidding? Isn't that how a good day is supposed to end? hah. There was so much to capture, but quite frankly I was enjoying the moment. I had just about managed to pull out my camera at this Grand Dolmabahçe Palace, that certainly needs a second visit! 

In regards to how this whole minimalism, and zero waste lifestyle is holding up, I'd say It has it's highs and lows. More specifically in regards to living a zero-waste lifestyle. Carrying my water bottle, and other belongings can sometimes bring me down. I mean this quite literally, since everything feels so heavy in my bag! I'm all about that easy-breezy life, and considering using a backpack next time to help with long treks. The language barrier is another set back that should settle itself with time. 'Yok plastik!' is all about I can muster right now! I should mention that when I do achieve avoiding waste, I feel this gratifying sensation that makes the tough times worth it! I've yet to figure somethings out. It's why I haven't suggested any tips, as I struggle with some basics day to day. 

 In terms of minimalism, it's not been too difficult to deter myself from shops. The idea of going home with a shiny new item has started to lose it's spark. I'm more interested in eating a meal out at a cute cafe, or restaurant with good company. I'm still learning from the journey, and using others as inspiration to keep me on track! I also highly recommend Minimalism; A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix! It's not any new information, but a nice boost to remember what's important in life. 

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  1. Keep checking out those attractions! Can't wait to join you my love.


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