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Thursday, 7 June 2018 Tripoli, Libya

Lots has changed since my previous post. I remember even whilst writing it, I could feel optimism brewing within. Writing things out can certainly help clear the cobwebs, so here's the second addition! 

The past few months in the Suedan (pronounced Sway-dān) household have been celebrating all things slow. By that I mean, no concrete plans, allowing the day to unfold naturally. The ones where you just laze in your comfy clothes, spend time with your loved ones, and allow for spontaneous outings. Working hours are much shorter here in Libya, which is the one thing I won't be complaining about! 

Living in my Nadinoo block striped top, and slow morning trousers. 

Most of these photos are from a few months ago. Elias can no longer be held with one arm, but I like the reminder that it was once possible! He is almost 6 months now, and the rolls on his body are increasing everyday. We love devouring his delicious chubs while fasting Ramadan (That's totally Halal right?). He is the most edible baby I've ever seen, and I've been debating how much I want to share of him. But seriously, what to keep private, and what to share is a struggle these days. So you'll just have to take my word for it for now, and enjoy the glimpses! 

Most of our days are spent cuddling up to this munchkin, driving to the beach, and kissing him every two minutes as if he'd somehow vanish without them. Eli has brought out a much sweeter, and tender side to both my husband and I. A welcome surprise, since we can often become so numb. There's just something about the innocence of a baby that melts any cold heart. I feel like I understand the process of life so much more now. Something tells me there's still so much to learn, and I'm opening up to it.

Walking Away

After taking up a new job literally a few weeks after arriving in Tripoli, I thought I had it all. A family life I adored and a dream job! What more could I ask for right? Well when practicality set in, let's just say my brain felt like mush. I found myself filled with guilt. Thankfully I still kept my boy number one, nursing him, and tending to his needs like I envisioned. Though I was giving Eli my full heart, hovering thoughts of work never left. Being a mum has been good to me, and fulfilling that role is the most rewarding job I've ever had. When trying to apply the same energy into work, I failed miserably. Sometimes the idea of 'having it all' is certainly not the reality. Accepting that now was not the right time stung a bit. It hurt because it felt like quitting. I've not always been the best judge when it comes to knowing when to hang on, and when to let go. 

After a few days of giving in my notice, I knew I made the right choice. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders as the shadow of other responsibilities had disappeared. It was just me and my homie, and It felt good, as a big believer in doing what you love, and loving what you do. This isn't the end of my work life, reminding myself that pausing isn't necessarily failure, and prioritising isn't defeat. I'll find my way back to doing work I enjoy soon enough.


As you can see, this beautiful space was a pleasure to go to. Offering Libyans top of the range design services, from this lush studio. It's exciting to know companies like this are beginning to exist here! Designers that are passionate about creating beauty by combining our rich heritage with modern aesthetics. If you're thinking of remodelling, or working on new builds, I'd highly recommend dealing with professionals. I may no longer be working here, but I love supporting businesses that I believe in. Especially when it highlights the best of what Libya has to offer! Check out their Social media to view more of their work. Facebook, Instagram and website

What Now?

Although motherhood is keeping my hands full. I know there are ways I can contribute to this developing country. A few years back, I found myself on a path to living with less. It felt great, really great in-fact! It lead me to pay closer attention to other aspects of my life, like our ridiculous waste consumption! Not just other Libyans' trash, but our very own everyday waste. After reducing what we owned, it helped shed light on problematic areas, thus Zero Waste Libya was born. I hope to share my personal story in a separate post. 

 Zero Waste Libya is a community organisation dedicated to helping us eliminate unnecessary trash. We aim to encourage, and inspire one another to take responsibility of our waste. The best part is, we can start today! If you love natural beauty, and want a more sustainable Libya, please follow our zerowastelibya pages.  If you'd like to take part in our upcoming meet-ups, please email at

Here is an everyday reality of easily avoided plastic trash. It's littering one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea. Please join us to put an end to this truly disturbing sight. Use our hashtag #zerowastelibya and let's start clearing this path together! 


  1. Your statement of "pausing isn't necessarily failure, and prioritising isn't defeat" really resonated with me. Thank you for the post.

  2. Just knowing that you are back in libya makes me the happiest !!! Reading your post as a fellow mother who believes in your same values when it comes to motherhood filled me with fluffiness inside ♡ I hope to see the little monkey soon inshallah and who knows paint him hopefully ♡

    1. Thanks Jasmin :) Yes would be awesome to see you! Can you message me your number? xxx

  3. Great post! I definitely relate to a lot of your feelings. I'm not sure 'having it all' exists. I'm pretty sure the women who appear to 'have it all' are absolutely exhausted. I rank sleep pretty high on my priorities when it comes to the 'all'. I didn't realise how precious sleep was for my wellbeing until I had a baby and I didn't realise how much guilt I could feel at not meeting my own expectations until I experienced 'mother's guilt.' For what it's worth, it sounds like you made a great decision for yourself and for your family. Having the Zero Waste Libya project on the side is an incredible effort that will bring about positive change in Libya and hopefully give you some extra fulfilment outside of being a mum. The great thing is that you'll be able to incorporate it so easily into your family life too. Exciting times!

    1. 'I'm pretty sure the women who appear to 'have it all' are absolutely exhausted.' haha I totally agree with that. For me it's draining to focus my energy on too many things. I like to do everything with passion, or not at all. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. Feels good to hear from other mums! and a big Amen for sleep! Getting enough rest should always be a priority!

  4. Than you for the post. some images not loaded.Thank you.


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