Autumn Picnic

Monday, 28 October 2019 Tripoli, Libya

Zero Waste Picnic

Since I've delved head first into the @zerowastelibya project, i've been using it as a chance to socialise, take pretty pictures and work on something that can change this country for the better. 
Nothing more exciting than win win scenarios! 

I had previously asked Rawan, the designer and architect to be if she'd like to join some of our volunteers for a picnic. To my delight she had been longing to do this for a while, and had a Pinterest board ready for quite some time. The hard part is always finding the right time that works for us all. I try my best to be someone that spaces events out so I don't get overloaded, but that thought process is a thing of the past these days.

One thing I'm starting to notice about us 'creatives' is our thoughts and ideals are far from accurate. Coming to terms with how we want things to turn out, and what they actually are is a never ending form of acceptance. While we were sat there discussing what constitutes as zero waste, and how forced, and perhaps even faked it was to bring no disposable items, we were understanding the real sense of the journey. I somehow thought that it would come naturally since we had time to plan ahead. We found ourselves heading for tea bags, asking for tissues, and even though we had the alternatives at hand, it wasn't what we were used to.

After laughing at our expense it became clear that comforts of what we know is overpowering our choices. One thing I'm guilty of doing is constantly trying to rid myself of stuff. I guess that's why minimalism came easy because letting go of items came naturally. Zero-Waste actually forces us to know where that stuff is going. Now that is far more challenging.

Practicality & Beauty

This concept that we can live with items that serve us,  and are in harmony with the world is something that I'm drawn to. being outdoors in Libya is a constant reminder that there's something innately wrong with our methods. Our streets are filled with garbage which ever way you look. I understand that we're living in a time of lawlessness and chaos. That a lack of government is a huge factor, but how about us? The actual individuals that litter daily? Surely we can come up with alternatives. 

Pointing blame isn't going to get us anywhere. As I mentioned above, it was a struggle even for me. These next few posts on here will be about my personal journey at home. Thankfully now I'm not completely alone. 

In the past few months we've managed to gain a solid volunteer team. It all started with one lovely lady messaging me asking to translate the content on the ZWL instagram page. She may not have thought much about it, but her act of kindness is what has lead us to start making real changes. Thank you Hajar Hamouda, without you I'd have given up. It turns out even while studying medicine and managing our social media, she has many artistic talents. Check out her Page Krasiva.

Libyan Tales

To allow some of you to see what my days sometimes consist of, I took over @LibyanTales stories for the day. If you'd like to chuckle at my arabic, and see more of this day, check out their highlights. There was a lot I wanted to say, but having an active toddler is no joke. I'll post some of the things I wanted to mention on this blog instead.

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