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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

When life gets overwhelming I love to cut back. This time my social media got the hack, and i'm ready to move forward. Have you ever been doing something for so long that it's more out of habit than intention? Instagram and Facebook lost their value long ago once those algorithms started to mess with our minds.

These past few months have been about reconnecting with friends, focusing on setting up @zerowastelibya and spending time with family. It feels great, but the downside is our home has been heavily neglected. Can't seem to juggle too much without majorly dropping the ball somehow. I just wanted to pop on here because this is one place I hope to keep safe. 

Here's to life happening, and to living better! Though we're in an unsettled phase, I'm happy to where it's taking me...

These shots were taken last Autumn while staying with my sister. She insisted we have a slow day in and we did just that! 

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  1. iv been following you on instagram for a few years now. i was inspired by your minimalism. anyways so i saw someone tagging zerowastelibya and remembered havnt seen your posts for some time ♥️


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